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Welcome to English, your comprehensive source for news, videos, and insightful perspectives on China. Explore our diverse range of content, including news, commentary, and in-depth reports covering various aspects of China’s dynamic landscape.


1. Home

Stay updated with the latest happenings in China through our well-curated home section. From political developments to social trends, our homepage provides a snapshot of the most relevant news.

2. News

Dive deeper into current events with our dedicated News section. Discover in-depth coverage of domestic and international affairs, economics, military, technology, and more.

3. Panview

Gain a unique perspective on China’s global influence through our Panview section. Explore special reports, opinions, and analyses that offer a broader view of China’s role on the world stage.

4. Video

Immerse yourself in our extensive video library, covering a wide array of topics. From global views to trending issues, our videos bring you closer to the heart of China.

Featured Content

– Global View

Explore China’s impact on the global stage, covering diplomatic relations, international cooperation, and key events that shape the world.

– Trending China

Stay informed about the latest trends and cultural phenomena in China. From technology to lifestyle, we’ve got our finger on the pulse.

– Q&A China

Get answers to pressing questions about China, its policies, and its people. Our Q&A section provides insightful information to quench your curiosity.

– This is China

Embark on a journey through “This is China,” a special feature showcasing the multifaceted aspects of Chinese culture, history, and innovation.

Notable Figures

– People’s Leader: Xi Jinping

Delve into the thoughts and actions of Xi Jinping, China’s paramount leader. Explore articles, speeches, and commentaries reflecting his leadership style and vision for the nation.


– CCTV Live

Experience real-time coverage with our live broadcasting. From major events to daily life in China, our live feed keeps you connected.

– iPanda English

Indulge in the adorable world of iPanda English, bringing you captivating content featuring China’s beloved pandas.

Local and Global Initiatives

– One Belt One Road

Stay informed about China’s initiatives such as “One Belt One Road” and their impact on global development and cooperation.

– Eco-friendly China

Explore our coverage on environmental conservation, rural revitalization, and efforts towards sustainable development.

Lifestyle and Culture

– Health and Longevity

Discover insights into health, well-being, and longevity in China. Our content explores traditional practices and modern approaches to a healthy lifestyle.

– Arts and Literature

Immerse yourself in China’s rich cultural heritage with features on arts, literature, and cultural events.

Technology and Innovation

– 5G and Beyond

Keep abreast of China’s technological advancements, with a focus on 5G, smart industries, and innovation shaping the future.

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